I am Julie Thorn, 28, from West Virginia.. I started making mandalas about a year ago, and now I am hooked on this fascinating artform! When I was in art school I was told that spiritual art was "out," and every time I tried to instill spirituality in my art, I was discouraged. I was actually told angels were trite once!

Outside of the class room my own attempts at extracurricular spirit art fell short of my own ideas of what spiritual art should look like. So, I gave up for awhile and did organic abstract paintings to earn my degree. I could still use my intuition in the creation of these works. I also became disgruntled with the art program I was in.

After I graduated, for about a year I was put off from the art world, because of my highly dissatisfying school experience. Then one day I was trying to figure out what I could make about 15 friends for the holidays and another Internet friend said "Let's make mandalas!" That was the beginning of my love affair :-) Since then I have had 3 mandala art shows and am currently selling my art in a shop in PA.

  My current projects include revamping my website and webstore, doing large scale mandalas, writing and creating mandala cards.